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  • Soete Laboratory
  • Dept. Mechanical Construction and Production
  • Technologiepark Zwijnaarde 903
  • B-9052 Zwijnaarde
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Upcoming conferences

3rd International Conference on
Fracture Fatigue and Wear

1-3 September 2014
Kitakyushu, Japan

11th International Conference on
Damage Assessment of Structures

24-26 August 2015
Ghent, Belgium

Pipeline Technology 2017

2-4 October 2017
Bruges, Belgium

Who we are

The Soete Laboratory has been named after Prof. Walter Soete since 1982, who was a director of the laboratory from 1946 to 1982. The laboratory comprises the department of Mechanical Construction and Production of the Ghent University and consists of a team of motivated people.

Soete Laboratory is part of the Metal Structures Centre or MSC.

What we do

Soete Laboratory covers the education of numerous Mechanical Engineering courses at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Ghent University. Our courses range from structural analysis, over machine elements and welding to applied student projects. More information can be found under education.

Next to our educational tasks, about half of our activities concern basic research, while the other half consists of applied research as a service to the industry in the fields of weld testing, fracture mechanics, failure analysis, tribology and fatigue.

In the field of tribology our main area of interest is the behaviour of bearing materials for large-scale applications. Over the years we have gathered the necessary experience and developed the experimental facilities to simulate the proper working conditions in such large-scale applications. For the testing of machines, welds and components in fatigue we possess a large array of servohydraulic testers, including a modular test-floor to perform both standardised as made-to-order tests.

Soete Laboratory considers safety as a priority. More information on our safety policy is given here.

NEW Several PhD vacancies
Several openings for PhD students are available. We are looking for motivated young engineers! Take a look at our vacancy page for additional details. Please express your interest by completing Soete Laboratory's PhD application form.
  Updated virtual tour
4/08/2014 We have updated our virtual tour. Check it out!
  Congratulations for Reza Hojjati!!
3/06/2014 ... and after the recent graduations of Yeczain and Jacob, Reza Hojjati has also obtained his PhD degree as a reward for his successful work on fretting fatigue! Reza dealt with numerical predictions of fretting fatigue lifetime, dealing with both crack initiation and crack propagation. Congratulations!
  Congratulations for Jacob Sukumaran!!
27/05/2014 We are happy to announce that our colleague Jacob Sukumaran has obtained his PhD degree after an interesting and entertaining public defence! Jacob's work has pushed the state-of-the-art in optical condition monitoring of polymer wear. Congrats!
  Congratulations for Yeczain Perez Delgado!!
17/03/2014 We proudly congratulate our colleague Yeczain Perez Delgado for obtaining his PhD degree after a highly comprehensive public defence. The subject of his doctoral thesis was about the tribology of ceramics and can be found here. Well done, dr. Perez!
  New equipment: Infrared thermography
20/01/2014 We have recently purchased a high performance optical system to perform infrared (IR) thermography. More details can be found here.
  Happy New Year!
01/01/2014 Soete Laboratory wishes you a happy 2014!
  Stijn Hertelé wins BIG Award 2013
13/11/2013 We congratulate Stijn Hertelé for winning the BIG Award 2013 for his PhD dissertation! The biennial BIG Award aims to highlight Belgian and Dutch research related to pipelines. Criteria for the award are societal relevance, innovation, attention for the public perception of pipelines, and dissertation of the results. Organiser of the award is the BIG (Buisleiding Industrie Gilde or Pipeline Industry Corporation), a Belgian-Dutch society of companies, institutions and persons active in the field of (buried) pipelines. The BIG considers pipelines as a major means of transportation, to be compared with road, railway, air and water transport. The BIG was raised in 1990 and has around 250 Belgian and Dutch members, among which 60 companies and institutions that represent around 5000 employees.
  Congratulations for Matthias Verstraete!!
8/11/2013 We congratulate our colleague Matthias Verstraete for obtaining his PhD degree! His public defense was very well received by all attendants, who were pleased to hear Matthias' interesting and entertaining story in the Aula. Well done, dr. Verstraete!
Matthias' PhD dissertation can be downloaded here.
  6th Pipeline Technology Conference: a success!
With 120 technical papers presented and over 250 attendants from 17 countries around the world, our 6th International Pipeline Technology Conference has been very successful!
Mark your agendas for two future events: the 1st Pipeline Technology Conference for Ageing Pipelines (5-6 October 2015, Bruges, Belgium) and the 7th International Pipeline Technology Conference, 2-4 October 2017, Bruges, Belgium.
  Congratulations for Jacob Sukumaran and Vanessa Rodriguez!
18/10/2013 We congratulate our colleagues Jacob Sukumaran and Vanessa Rodriguez for winning the Best Lecturer Award and the Best Poster Award respectively, at the Synergy 2013 conference, Gödöllo, Hungary!
  Doctoral thesis defense of Matthias Verstraete
16/10/2013 The public defence of the doctoral thesis of Matthias Verstraete entitled "Experimental-Numerical Evaluation of Ductile Tearing Resistance and Tensile Strain Capacity of Biaxially Loaded Pipelines" will take place on the 8th of November at 10am in the Aula of Ghent University. The invitation can be found here.
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